99 / month
a flexible plan for Conversion Rate Optimisation teams.


349 / month
create perfect, data-driven Customer Experiences


maximise revenue from high-traffic websites
Included Traffic
  • 100 000 pageviews
  • 250 000 pageviews
  • unlimited
Additional Traffic
  • EUR 39 / 50 000 pageviews
  • EUR 59 / 50 000 pageviews
  • volume discounts
Data Retention
  • 3 Months
  • 6 Months
  • Unlimited
Support & Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are pageviews and how do you count them?

By default, we track pageviews every time a page of your website loads, or its URL changes. You can also customise integration to track modal windows and other major changes that happen on a page. This means, that even you have a Single-Page Application (SPA) there will likely be multiple pageviews tracked per visit.

How can I estimate my pageviews?

If you are using Google Analytics then you can use reported pageviews as a baseline for your estimate. However, as our tracking is more detailed, it is likely that the number of pageviews in UseItBetter will be higher. We recommend to use our free trial to find out the exact costs of using our service.

What if I have more pageviews than it is included in a plan?

If you exceed the included quota of pageviews we will charge you an additional fee on top of the base price. For example, if you have a Startup plan and you had 175 000 page views during a single billing cycle (a month), we will charge you 99 EUR base price plus 2 * 39 EUR for each started package of 50 000 visits - a total of 177 EUR.

Do I need a credit card to start the free trial?

Yes, during the sign up processess we will ask you to provide a credit card and billing details to verify your account. Please contact us if you don't have access to your company's credit card and we will manually approve your account.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can either delete your account or all your projects to cancel the subscription of your Startup or Growth plan.

How do I install UseItBetter?

The minimum integration only requires you to add a single code to your website. You will receive the code once you sign up and create a project. Please watch this short video tutorial for more details.

Can I use a single plan to analyse and optimise multiple websites?

Yes. You can create separate projects for each of the websites you want to work on. At the end of your billing cycle we will sum pageviews in all your projects and charge your accordingly.

Do you have separate plans for agencies?

You can use any of the plans to offer UseItBetter to your clients. However, we do have an attractive Partnership Programme and our partners get discounts, commisions and extra support. Please contact us for details.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Our tracking code, by default, doesn't track any personal details. Still, we made sure that all the data is stored and processed securely and in accordance to GDPR. The service is hosted within European Union in data centers operated by Google Cloud.

My company requires a custom Data Entrustment Agreement. How can we do that?

Please contact us regarding our Enterprise Plan to arrange all neccessary agreements.