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  • “UseItBetter Analytics, with practically no integration effort on our end, gave us immediate visibility into customer behaviour on both, quantitative and qualitative level. The analyses we performed inspired many successful experiments leading to a multi-million uplift in the revenue and enhanced Customer Experience across the entire shopping journey.” Sam Barton Head of User Experience at Shop Direct (Very Group) Shop Direct
  • “UseItBetter can automatically track every user interactions on our website. It enables us to retroactively measure the exact usage of any of its functionalities, calculate its impact on conversion and try to answer "why?". Thanks to the Triggers - integrated A/B testing engine - we can go one step further and test our hypotheses on real users. It’s an advanced and flexible tool that is perfectly suited for optimisation of complex customer journeys on website.” Marta Perwenis Head of eCommerce at Play (Iliad Group) Shop Direct
  • "The analysis of user behaviour performed with UseItBetter service allowed us to significantly improve LINK4 web application. We were also using the capability to perform A/B testing without involving our internal IT resources. The flexibility and functionality of the solutions and the professional approach of UseItBetter team make it easy and quick to use the service." Paweł Ramiszewski eBusiness Project Manager at LINK4 Link4
  • “With form analytics we get a quick understanding of how our customers interact with our forms from A-Z, and how we can improve the overall customer experience with minimal effort.” Trond Tertnes Sales manager Digital Channels at If P&C Insurance If Insurance
  • “UseItBetter continues to surprise and delight me with its insights, functionality and ease of use – once you get the hang of it. It is a powerful tool that every business needs to improve CRO and usability across key points within a users’ flow. I could spend hours creating different reports and segmenting the data – If only there was more time in the day!” Neil Jarvis Digital Optimisation Manager at Greenstone Financial Services Greenstone Financial Services
  • “Since using UseItBetter on the Mark Warner website we have been able to run seamless A/B tests without any heavy development set up or costs. [the team] is very knowledgeable on all areas of A/B testing and has gone over and above helping us to set up tests, many of which have improved website conversion.” Vickie Metcalfe Digital and Website Manager at Mark Warner Mark Warner
  • “UseItBetter is a powerfool tool that provides helpful insights and can help you reform your business processes completely! The support of the specialized team makes the marketer’s job more efficient and easy.” Serko Yietimian Digital Marketing at NN Hellas Nationale-Nederlanden
  • "We selected UseItBetter because we recognize its enormous potential. It allows us to observe user behaviour and get insights quickly, which is essential for continuous optimisation of the website and landing pages for our performance-based campaigns." Jacek Major Digital Marketing Team Manager atPZU PZU
  • "The UseItBetter tool allows us to analyze the behavior of users interested in both, purchasing UPC services and digital self-service activities. The level of detail of analysis facilitates the formulation of hypotheses and their subsequent verification." Mirosław Michalik Senior e-Care & Online Projects Manager at UPC UPC