Managing Users

Follow these steps to add users to a project or remove users from a project:

1. Visit and sign in to the application.
2. Select the project for which you want to manage the access.
3. Open the navigation bar in the top right corner and select “Manage Users”.


Adding users

To add users to a project simply enter the email addresses of those users and click the [Invite] button. If you have multiple projects, you can invite users to all of them by ticking the checkbox.

Users without existing accounts will need to create their accounts first. All necessary instructions how to do it will be sent to those users in an email.


Removing Users

To remove users select them from the list and click the [Remove Users] button. Removed users will not be able to access the project. If they were specified as recipients of any scheduled emails, they will not receive those emails any more.

You can remove users from all your projects by ticking the checkbox “Remove selected users from all my projects”.

Please contact your account manager to set up advanced user privileges including:

  • Restricted Access To Reports
  • Read Only Access
  • Use of Triggers (Editing, Maximum Affected Sample, Scope)
  • Report Scheduling
  • User Management