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The term Action is fairly broad. An Action is anything that a user does that you consider a milestone on a user journey. It could mean adding a product to the basket, signing in, registering, etc. 

On most websites, such Actions require a user to submit a form and to make it easier for you, UseItBetter automatically collects every attempt to submit a form as an (M) Action event:

Action=Submitted form[1]#addToBasket

You can disable tracking of form submissions by changing the uRecordFormSubmit to false in the tracking code settings.

Difference Between Actions and (E) Interactive Events

Practically all Action meta events are the result of user interactions (i.e. to submit a form a user had to click a button) which are tracked anyway as (E) interactive events.

For example, clicking a button to submit a form would produce a (E) click event:


and also:

Action=Submitted form[1]#sign-in

There are a couple of reasons why you would like the most important behaviours to be registered as Actions:

  • The same Action can be the result of different interactive events (for example clicking a button, hitting enter key) or even different website modules.
  • Actions together with Sections form Paths
  • For each Action a time since a beginning of a visit to an Action is tracked.
  • For each segment, total number of Action events and average number of Actions per visit are calculated in The Segments Report
  • Action events are displayed in The Forms Report

Related Data Points

Time to Action

When an (M) Action is registered, it is followed by a (M) Time to Action meta event containing time in seconds since the beginning of a session:

(M) Action=Submitted form form[1]#sign-in
(M) Time to Submitted form form[1]#sign-in=123


Every visit has an (A) Actions attribute which contains the number of all (M) Action meta events that were registered during that visit. For example:

(A) Actions=2

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