userID and appID Attributes

UseItBetter automatically assigns a userID to all new users. This userID is randomly generated and is stored in a user’s browser (in Local Storage) and used to identify returning users.

A new userID will be generated if a user:

  • removes application data from a browser
  • opens a website in a different browser
  • opens a website in an “incognito mode”
  • opens a website on a different device (i.e. a smartphone)

If your website has a login area and you are able to precisely identify a user, you can register a customID attribute that will be used to stitch visits of a user in all channels and even prior to signing in.

You should never use user’s e-mail address as appID since it is considered personally identifiable information. Instead, to protect users’ privacy, you should use a hash (MD5) of an e-mail address (or a permanent user ID in your system)*:

uDash.saveAttribute('appID', '91162629d258a876ee994e9233b2ad87');

* Interpretation of what is and what isn’t personally identifiable information (PII) vary from country to country. It can also be regulated by your company’s Privacy Policy. In general, any datapoint that allows a receiving party to identify a person with reasonable efforts is considered PII.

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