The Forms

Visit Form Analytics on our website for a general product overview.


  • Where to Add Tracking Code

    Understand where to add the tracking code and how to make sure all website Sections (pages) are correctly tracked in order to be able to tell that your forms were successfully completed (or not).

  • How Tracking Works

    Learn how the tracking of interactions with form fields works, how data entered by users into form fields is masked to protect users’ privacy and how you can customize masking.

  • How to Test Integration

    Verify the tracking using the in-page console in the review mode to see what events are captured and how.

Analyzing Forms

  • Setting Up Segments

    Learn how to set up the right segment of visits to analyze your forms to get more accurate insights.

  • The Forms Funnel

    Understand the concept of the forms funnel and how it will help you find out where users are dropping out and how their behaviors differ from behaviors of users who successfully reach the end of the funnel.

  • How To Read the Forms Report

    Analyze form related events and understand the meaning of all values and metrics displayed in the Form Analytics report.