Tracking Code API

Static Properties

uDash.META_SECTION – Meta Section marker
uDash.META_ACTION – Meta Action marker
uDash.META_ERROR – Meta Error marker


uDash.init (options) — this is the method for the initialization and setup of a uDash object. It requires one argument which is an object containing options.

  • uDash.saveMeta(key, value) — registers a single meta event
  • uDash.saveAttribute(label, value) — registers a single attribute
  • uDash.getStatus() — retrieves the current uDash status. Possible values are:
    • incompatible — the browser failed to pass tests for the uDash object support
    • not ready — no handlers have been attached and no storage data has been set
    • setup — while attaching handlers and setting storage data
    • ready — all handlers have been attached and storage data has been set, ready to record, not connected yet
    • connected — connected to UiB server, up & running
  • uDash.sendDump() — this method sends recorder data to the server. It is particularly useful when you know that the user will leave your website anytime soon and you want to ensure none of the valuable information will be lost.
  • uDash.tearDown() — this method detaches uDash event handlers, flushes session storage data and finally fires onTeardown callback.

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