Testing Integration

Reviewing Tracking in Preview Mode

UseItBetter in-page console provides a convenient and transparent way to verify what exactly is being tracked and how.

If you have added a project homepage during the set up, you will see a link in the top right corner to see the preview mode:


If you haven’t added the project homepage yet, you can either add it (hover over the “hamburger” navigation and click Project Settings) or manually add necessary param to your website’s URL to enable the preview mode:


if the website’s URL already contains some params:


add the uParams after an & (ampersand):


If your website does not accept extra parameters in the URL, to be exact in the window.location.search part of the URL, you can add the uParams after a hash:



The in-page console

Once your website is open in the preview mode, you will see the in-page console fixed at the bottom of a window. Click the “Show log” to see exactly what events are being captured.


You can play with a demo of the in-page console.

Read this article to better understand how interactions with forms are being tracked.

Checking if data is correctly sent to UseItBetter servers

To check if data is being sent to UseItBetter open browser developers tools and go to network page. The try to interact with your website and see if there are requests being sent to useitbetter.com domain:


What if I don’t see the requests?

Go to the browser console, type in JavaScript command and hit enter key:


If you see the following error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: uDash is not defined(…)

it means that there is no UseItBetter tracking code added to your page.

If you don’t see the error but instead the following message:


It probably means that you are using a plan with sampled tracking (i.e. you have a cap on number of visits tracked monthly or only a percentage of visits is being tracked).

If you see this message:


then your visits is currently being tracked and the request should be sent to our servers.