Privacy Policy

For more specific policy regarding privacy of visitors and users of UseItBetter owned websites, applications, or services please follow links to privacy policy statements available from those entities.

This Privacy Policy doesn’t address use of data by our customers or by our customer, even if the data is collected using our analytics service and stored on or processed by one of servers or devices owned or controlled by our company. For information about the data our customers collect with UseItBetter analytics platform and the acceptable use of the platform, please visit our general terms of use at Changes to the terms of use are subject to individual contract arrangements between our company and our customers.


Company’s Privacy Policy

Our company is committed to protecting and respecting privacy and information of our customers, employees and business associates.

This policy outlines our commitments to our employees, customers, and to our future regarding how we will handle information that can be sensitive by its nature or be sensitive due to regulations and industry standards.

The types of sensitive information can include:

  • - customer information (both for customer companies and for people as individuals),
  • - data our customers collect, store and process using our software products installed on servers that are under our company’s control,
  • - data we collect about individuals who visit our websites, blogs or online services,
  • -financial information, including credit cards, salaries, banking, transactions and more,
  • - medical information of all types,
  • - company patents, business plans, and other intellectual property,
  • - company business records and planning materials, including our customer list, marketing and sales efforts, product line plans, and more,
  • - copyrighted materials, both which our company creates and those which we obtain under license from others

This information may reside on computing systems or backup devices that we own or control, may traverse the networks or be on paper. We can not guarantee that this information will always be secure but we follow best industry practices to protect it.

The rules by which information is handled are determined by the regulations, business requirements, and company commitments relating to that type of information. Put together, these are called the significance of the information.

Every employee, vendor, contractor, supplier or vendor, agent or representative of our company must be aware of the significance of the information being handled, and ensure that proper controls are applied to prevent copying, disclosure, or other misuse of the information.

This Information Protection policy is a part of the overall security and privacy effort of our company. Other policies and controls may also apply, as issued by the management and relevant teams. These are available in the employee handbook and/or on the company’s documentation repository.

Penalties for violating these policies may include disciplinary actions up to termination of employment, or termination of the business relationship with our company.

We will meet all applicable requirements in properly protecting the information, including: laws, regulations, industry standards and contractual commitments.

The protections we apply to information assets will be in proportion to the value and sensitivity of the information, and will balance the sensitivity of the information against:

  • - the cost of controls
  • - the impact of the controls on the effectiveness of business operations
  • - the risks of disclosure, modification, destruction, or unauthorized use of the information

We will ensure that these controls are accepted by all employees, vendors, service providers, representatives and associates of our company who may have access to our information. This includes ensuring that all personnel at all levels are aware of, and are held accountable for safeguarding information assets. It is our policy that all employees of our company sign a confidentiality agreement. We also apply this policy to any individual or company that may potentially gain access to sensitive information or critical assets or systems.

We will ensure that access to information is controlled, and based upon, job function and need-to-know criteria. We will maintain proper business continuity and security procedures, including information systems, networks, resources, and business processes. We will report any suspected or actual breach of these policies, and will cooperate with investigative agencies. We will comply with other, related policies, including the Company’s privacy policies.

We will not sell or share personally identifiable information, personal information or any data our customers collected using our analytics service under any circumstances, except:

  • - as requested by law enforcement agencies or required by law;
  • - to maintain the security of our products, services and systems we control, including by assisting third party claimants in investigating security breaches;
  • - to collect money owed to our company, including through legal proceedings;
  • - to identify, contact, or take legal action against customers or third parties violating our terms of use or breaking the law.
  • - to maintain or improve our products, services and systems we control, in which case we may
  • - occasionally provide access to such information with independent contractors or vendors who signed the acknowledgement of our policies and confidentiality agreements.

We are committed to resolve complaints about privacy and collection or use of personal information. Individuals and companies with inquiries or complaints regarding this privacy policy should contact us at:

Postal mail: Use It Better sp. z o.o., Leborska 3b, 80-386 Gdansk, Pomorskie, Poland.

Website’s Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy deals with all the issues concerning collection of information by and with use of USE IT BETTER(“UIB”) Service (“Service”)

1. UIB Service is an online tool for testing and analyzing user experience and usability of games, apps and websites. UIB service may be added to a website by the website administrator. It then records website user’s activities on the website, allowing the website administrator to improve his/hers website usability and make it more user-friendly.

a) Information that may be collected by the Service:

i. Characteristics of your computer such as but not limited to: browser type, system language, OS version, time zone and screen resolution metrics.
ii. The web pages that you visit in a specific website and the URLs of the web pages that referred you to that website.
iii. Any activity including mouse movements, clicks and key strokes on the visited website.
iv. Any information you enter and submit to a specific website. As a result, if you choose to supply personal information (such as, but not limited to, name, address or contact information) on a website, such information may be collected by the Service. The website administrator is obliged to make sure that the information you provide is either anonymised or tracked in a accordance with their privacy policy.
v. Persistent Session information stored in Local Storage may include data points related to an anonymous identifier of your browser, the date of the first visit to the website from that browser and the number of visits to the website from that browser. This information alone does not allow to identify you as a person. You may delete the Local Storage in your browser settings.
vi. Non-persistent Session information stored in Session Storage may include data points related to your activity on the website in the current browser tab. This information is deleted when you close the tab or leave the website.
vii. dynamic data from services such as Content Management Systems, third parties APIs, authentication mechanisms that are a result of your actions within the website.

b) Information that are NOT collected by the Service:

i. any information about websites which do not use the Service.
ii. any information about other programs that you are running on your computer.
iii. your IP number
iv. key strokes that happen in text fields that the website’s administrator has marked as “sensitive” i.e. passwords, credit card numbers, personal details.

2. Information collected via Service, are used in compliance with applicable laws of Poland and EU for the following purposes:
To provide website administrators with information on interactions of their website users (including any potential reports and whatsoever).
To maintain, protect, and improve UIB technologies and services.
Information may be shared with the third parties as long as it is consistent with the legal requirements and/or it will be done in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, prevent any crime, or to protect UIB network and/or service.

3. In case, any third parties are used to assist in processing any information, they will be required to comply with this Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security

4. UIB fulfils all the requirements stemming from EU GDPR and appropriate Polish regulation on that matter (RODO). UIB takes appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. These include internal reviews of data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, including appropriate encryption and physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where the personal data are stored. The access to personal information is restricted to UIB employees, contractors and agents who need to know that information in order to process it on behalf of UIB. These individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations and may be subject to discipline, including termination and criminal prosecution if they fail to meet these obligations.

5. In case any formal complaint or a credible information is delivered, UIB contacts the complaining user in order to solve his/hers concerns. UIB will cooperate with appropriate local authority in particular with the data protection ombudsman or equal, in case such need occurs.

6.This policy may be subject to change. In case any such modification will be adopted, the altered policy shall be published at UIB website.

9. UIB appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who is responsible for the execution of this Privacy Policy. You can contact the DPO by email:

8. In case of any questions concerning UIB privacy policy, please contact UIB by using the contact
form or contact the appointed Data Protection Officer (DPO).

9. This website is using the service in compliance with above stated policy.