Visit Replays

Visit Replay emulates user behaviour to provide a high-fidelity replay. All interactions with a website recorded during a visit are uploaded back to the website on which the visit was recorded and dispatched in exactly the same order.

Since the Replay uses the actual website, all replayed behaviors will have the same effect as if they were performed by a real user. This means that replaying a visit in which the user submitted a contact will also result in submission of that form.

This approach (using the actual website) is different from the approach commonly taken by services offering Visit Replays (also known as Session Replays, Session Recordings etc.) which is to capture an exact copy of a page (including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images) and replay a visit on that copy.

There are multiple reasons why UseItBetter does not copy content of visited pages:

    • copying content could lead to reduced performance of a website for recorded visitors due to higher CPU and bandwidth footprint,
    • copied content may include visitor’s sensitive and/or Personal Information in which case the website owner could be at risk of infringing visitors rights and face severe damages.

Example of a Visit Replay

A screencast of a sample Visit Replay. Please note that this is a screencast. An actual visit replay is not a video.

iframe Support Requirement

In order to replay a visit, UseItBetter scripts need to reload a website into an iframe resized to match the users browser viewport size.

If your website has a script detecting if the website is running in an iframe:

<!-- iframejailbreak starts here --> 
<script type="text/javascript"> 
if (window.location != window.parent.location) { 
window.parent.location = window.location; 

You should change it to accept iframe nesting on pages from the same host:

<!-- iframejailbreak starts here --> 
<script type="text/javascript"> 
if ( != { 
window.parent.location = window.location; 

Visit Replay Accuracy

You should keep in mind that the Visit Replay might not accurately reproduce real user behaviors. The accuracy of a replay is impacted by:

      • anonymization of data that a user enters into form fields (i.e. credentials) or data stored in cookies.
      • changes to the website’s functionality, layout or content that were introduced after a visit was recorded.
      • differences in Internet connection or access speed to the website during a recording and a playback.
      • differences in hardware or software configuration between the user’s device and the device on which a visit is being replayed.

In most cases, the above issues can be solved as a part of UseItBetter script customization. Please contact your account manager or Support Team for details.

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